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Viruses Coming From Space?

Could alien viruses traveling through space be making humans sick in the form of a meteorite smashing into the earth?

It’s September 17th, 2004 in Caracas, Peru.

Residents of a nearby town see a flash of light and hear an explosion. A meteorite had just struck the Earth.

Curious to see what had just smashed into the Earth, several residents go out and investigate.

They report horrible smells immenating from where the meteorite made its impact…and even smells reaching as far as the town.

Some 600 people began to experience unexplained nausea, headaches, and vomitting.

Scientists blamed their sickness on arsenic evaporating into water droplets from groundwater upon impact…

but this didn’t make much sense as the groundwater’s arsenic content doesn’t differ much from the local towns actual water supply…

so that couldn’t be why they were getting sick.

Other speculated a different chemical reaction happened when the meteorite struck the Earth that caused locals to get sick….
But most mysterious of all some speculate that perhaps the meteorite had brought some sort of otherworldly space traveling virus or bacteria with it that had be thrown into the atmosphere upon impact.

If that was true, then life on other planets is more than a possibility. In fact, perhaps there was a more ultimate or sinister reason for the nearby people getting sick…we’ll never know. This isn’t the only time a meteorite like this has caused people to go ill.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel