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Using Drones To Protect Nature

Drones are good for more than hunting down terrorists. Groups around the world are adapting the technology to save our planet. Trace explains how in this DNews video.

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“New Technology to Fight Wildlife Crime”

“WWF helps Nepal step up anti-poaching efforts”

“Poachers massacre 89 elephants in Chad: WWF”

“A group of poachers last week massacred 89 elephants in one night near the town of Ganba in southern Chad, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said in a statement Tuesday.”

“Google Gives $5 Million to Drone Program That Will Track Poachers”

“If left unchecked, poaching threatens to annihilate some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful species. Can UAVs stop the bloodshed?”

“Garbage Drone Could Clean Up Oceans”

“From solar-powered underwater research bots to ones that tweet about California water quality, robots are becoming water-friendly devices. The Marine Drone is the latest among these, designed to search and destroy garbage in the ocean.”

“8 Totally Cool Uses for Drones”

“Domestic uses for drones are growing to a wide range of applications not even considered a few years ago.”

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