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UFO’s Sighted around Virgin Jet in Australia

UFOs caught on camera near a Virgin passenger jet above Australia’s Bondi Beach? UFO sighted shadowing Australian plane.

A photographer by the name of Dan Toomey was snapping photos of a storm cloud back in 2009 when a Virgin airlines flight cross the sky and included itself in a few of his photos.

Dan Toomey, thinking nothing of it, went ahead and uploaded the photos to his computer a couple hours later. It was then that he noticed something very unusual in the pictures.

What appears to be two UFOs hovering around the flight appeared. From the angle they were taken at, they appeared to be cigar shaped.
Mr. Toomey tried hard to recreate what he saw — thinking that the objects could have been produced by an insect or a bird. However, after experimenting several times — he was unable to reproduce the images.

Even though the photos were taken in 2009, Mr. Toomey didn’t decide to release them until the recent Malaysia airlines flight went missing. He says that “There’s a big a question mark next to that plane and a lot of conspiracies surrounding what happened.”

Were UFOs really captured hovering around this Virgin passenger jet? What do you think?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel