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UFO Sighting Over Houston During Rainstorm

A UFO has been caught on camera in Houston by several witnesses during a rainstorm.

An unusual UFO has been spotted over Houston this past week…
What appears to be some sort of spinning disc shaped craft has been captured by a few different observers during an intense rainstorm on August 11th.

The craft appears to show a light in the center surrounded by other lights circling around it.

IT appears to change position and has been captured from several different angles.

Some believe this may have been a drone or some sort of test done by the nearby NASA location in Houston, but no official word has been spoken by the agency.

Additionally, some report that this would have been way too big to be caused by any type of drone or any sort of flying quadreceptor prank.

Just what do you think this was….and was it involved in the thunderstorm for some reason?

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel