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UFO Hits Russian Proton-M Rocket – Three UFOs Fall in China

Did a UFO hit Russia’s Proton-M rocket and then fall into China?

May 15th, 2014. Nine minutes into it’s flight, Russia’s Proton-M rocket exploded. The entire event was captured on video. There’s something very peculiar about the video though.

Watch closely. This is the rocket flying through the air. A small unidentified flying object comes from the right and smashes into the rocket. Right after this collision, the flames on the rocket begin to change and become more wild.

If you look closely at the object, it appears to be some sort of missile.
However, if it was a missile…it would most likely be a heat seeking missile. And if it was a heat seeking missile the object would have turned and hit the rocket in it’s exhaust…the place where the largest amount of heat was collected at. As you can see, it doesn’t do that.

In fact, the object doesn’t even look to be propelled by anything. There’s no exhaust out of it like a missile would have.

Look more closely, the object actually appears to be round — something like some sort of orb.

Coincidentally or not, that’s exactly what fell from the sky into China — three mysterious orbs.

China even confirmed that three unidentified flying objects fell into their borders on Saturday.

A few pictures were snagged of the mysterious objects before Chinese officials forced everyone to leave the scene as quickly as possible.

These UFOs that fell from the sky are still under investigation and allegedly the Chinese government has sealed the files away.

Supposedly this rocket was carrying what the Russian’s said was their most advanced satellite ever. It was supposed to bring internet to remote parts of Russia.

Perhaps the satellite was something more — perhaps it was an advanced weaponry satellite. Whatever it was, it appears something strange hit it out of the sky and fell into China.

But who would attempt to shoot it out of the air…and why would they ever do such a thing? It was only supposed to be a communications satellite…

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel