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UFO Crashes in Cape Girardeau, Missouri – Before Roswell

A UFO Crashed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941 where aliens were allegedly taken away. This crash happened before the famous Roswell incident.

The alleged UFO crash at Roswell wasn’t the government’s first encounter with otherwordly visitors…

In a story told on a widow’s death bed – her late husband, Reverend william Huffman was supposedly called out into the woods of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941. The revered was called out to pray for the victims of a “crash.”

As the revered approached the crash site, swarms of government personnel flooded the area. The craft wasn’t like any other craft he had ever seen.

The craft was disc-shaped and had unusual hieroglyphic-like writings on it. Strangest of all, though, was that alien-looking bodies with huge eyes, tiny mouths, and holes for ears were inside.

The reverend was told to keep the secret to his grave, but could not help but tell his wife.

His wife finally revealed the full story along with her recount of pictures she had seen of the beings a few days before being taken of cancer.
There is no evidence other tangible evidence to substantiate the story other than the lack of motive from Flora, the late reverend’s wife.

Did the reverend find Aliens in the backwoods of Missouri? Was Flora, the wife, really revealing a secret she had sworn to keep to her grave?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel