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Top 7 STRANGEST Alien Encounters

By their very definition alien encounters are always going to be weird, but some people’s stories of abduction and molestation by beings beyond the stars are a hell of a lot weirder than others, so let’s investigate a few of the wackier claims involving pancakes, perverts and presidents in our list of the seven strangest alien encounters.

Antonio Vilas Boas was a Brazilian farmer working on his field
at night to avoid the harsh daytime sun when he saw a bright
red light in the sky. As it came towards him he jumped in his tractor to drive away, but the tractor stalled, and Antonio was dragged into the craft by four humanoid creatures.
When some small-town hick claims that aliens took him aboard
their spaceship and did stuff to his bottom chances are nobody’s gonna take the guy seriously. But what if you have to, because the man who says he’s been abducted by aliens is your President?

Look, we all know politicians are all nuts, so let’s look at an example of an alien encounter from a somewhat more reputable human being – a man of science, an explorer who genuinely and verifiably has left the Earth – International Space Station commander Leroy Chiao.

This next supposed encounter with aliens is unique on this list, because it actually involves the aliens almost being abducted themselves…by little kids. On August 19 1970 a group of Malaysian children were playing in a field when they saw a UFO measuring only a meter across. From this craft several three-inch humanoid aliens came out in blue suits and tried to install an antenna onto a tree. 19 year old Lee Parish was driving home late on January 27th 1977 when he says his car was lifted into the air by creatures he described as cold alien rectangles.

On July 23rd 1992 Australian Peter Khoury was just minding his
own business taking a nap on his couch when woke up to find
two alien women, one blonde and one Asian, sat by him
completely naked.

What would you do if you met an alien today? Would you run,
would you fight, or would you sit down with them and eat brunch like Joe Simonton.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel