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Top 7 Mysteries of MOTIVATION

If you’re too lazy to get a boyfriend or girlfriend then this won’t apply to you, but if you already have one and they’ve got a few motivational problems of their own you’d better be careful, because laziness is contagious.

If you spend your evenings stuffing fistfuls of junk-food into your gaping maw that is not conducive to being a healthy, motivated person, because the effects of diet on your ability to get shit done continue to linger long after you take up a healthier approach to food.

Many old sayings link weather to motivation – feeling under the weather, being down in the doldrums, as lazy as a sloth tornado. But how much does weather really affect your energy levels?

Psychological workplace studies have shown that repeated demonstrations of authority from management staff directly reduces employee productivity. But, did you know that your boss being a total asshole also has a chemical effect on your body which affects your motivation long after you clock out?

Ever wonder why teachers always told you to sit up straight in class? It’s because posture directly influences your motivation. How are you sat right now? If you’re hunched over with your head sticking out forward from your body like some kind of half-melted hunchback then you are heading for a world of back pain.

A 2008 study by Julie Dockrell found that school children were less motivated when exposed to internal classroom noise, and as they got older this effect was increased.

Whilst monitoring 64 healthy German men study leader Simone Kühn and her team found that those who watched more pornography showed diminished connectivity between the right caudate to the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and that the striatum region of the brain which is responsible for motivated behaviour and reward processing was also much smaller than those who didn’t regularly choke the pope to online babes.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel