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Top 7 Creepiest CCTV Clips

It’s amazing what people will do when they think nobody is looking, but with CCTV cameras now covering every inch of most major cities, there’s always someone watching.

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Due to Youtube guidelines we can’t show you what went on in this clip’s most horrifying scenes, but we will show you the before and after.

This creepy clown phenomena that’s going on right now is scary enough just reading about it, with threats of killer clowns on campus, killer clowns luring kids into Carolina woods, and copycat killer clowns stalking graveyards roadsides around the world.

Oh look, a delivery driver. I wonder what he’s brought? Pizza, delicious Chinese food? No such luck.

In some weird way, seeing a crime that almost occurred is more chilling than viewing one taking place.

Here’s another creepy video that could’ve ended a lot worse if it wasn’t for the fearsome strength of this Argentinian mother bear.

Lisa Mackenzie lives in Bridgend, Wales, with her partner and two young children, and one day she noticed some mysterious scratches on the bottom of her back door.

This footage from June 1996 shows 23 year old Jane Rimmer talking to an unidentified man outside the Continental Hotel in the Claremonth area of Perth, Australia.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel