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Top 5 WEIRDEST Experiments

Top 5 Weirdest & Strangest Experiments

The Remote Control Bull
When I was a kid I got to play with remote control cars. Kids today get to mess around with remote control drones. But in the future, will children spend their Saturday afternoons making remote control monkeys beat the crap out of each other?
Maybe, if anyone expands on the work of Doctor José M.R. Delgado. Delgado was a Spanish neuroscientist who wanted to run a pretty dangerous experiment, an experiment using a live bull. But the good doctor was far too honourable to let anyone else literally stand in harm’s way, so he decided to test it on himself.

The Weather Changing Orgasm

There are many men around the world who claim that their ability in the bedroom can shake the earth, and whilst most of those guys probably spend their time alone shaking something else, one man who truly believed in the power of the human orgasm was .
Reich was a talented psychoanalyst in his youth, and a one time protégé of none other than Sigmund Freud. After leaving his native Austria for the state of Maine he set up an institute to research the energetic force of orgasms. His research was based on a theory by Freud which linked severe neurosis to sexual repression. Basically if you can’t get your rocks off you go a little crazy, or so Dr Reich thought.

Random Monkey Boners

Aside from being an awesome band name, in 2010 a serious scientific study was done into the field of random monkey boners. The researchers placed four male marmosets in to a cage, two of which were sexually inexperienced and the other two…they were basically little monkey sluts.
So what exactly was being studied here? What amazing earth-shattering discovery caused the National Institute of Mental Health to join forces with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Primate Research Centre? Well, they just wanted to see if monkeys could be persuaded to masturbate to certain smells.

Can’t We Just Talk?
John C Lilly seemed to have an amazing life. He was a neuroscientist working in a cutting edge laboratory in the beautiful Virgin Islands, he worked with a beautiful young research assistant called Margaret, and his job was to find out if dolphins could talk to people. It sounds like this guy has been plucked straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, but when you find out where the experiment went you’ll realise it was more like that home movie by Pamela Anderson.
In the 1960’s the accepted theory of human language development stated that children gain their ability to speak by having constant contact with their mothers and listening to their voices. John Lilly thought a similar approach might work with dolphins, and so obviously the first step in researching this is to flood half your house.

Night Time Nail Biters

Humans have a whole heap of weird habits that need a cure. We pick our noses. We leave the toilet seat up. We binge watch whole seasons of Sex in the City and cry ourselves to sleep wishing we could just make everything in Samantha’s life okay. Maybe that last one’s just me. But one habit that nobody would be too embarrassed about is nail biting. Unless you are Lawrence LeShan.
Mr LeShan is an American psychologist who has worked in such diverse fields as psychotherapy, cancer treatment, the psychological effects of war, and mysticism. The last one might have you thinking we’re dealing with some sort of quack right here, but Lawrence Leshan remains a respected man, even if his experiments in the 1940s involved watching small boys go to sleep.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel