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Top 5 UNBELIEVABLE Wikileaks Revelations

Wikileaks has been annoying world governments since 2006 with its exposure of secret government documents,

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internal memos and global war plans causing all sorts of headlines over the past decade, until he was sadly mauled to death by Lemmiwinks in 2011.

On November 7th 2007 one of Wikileaks’ earliest exclusives was the release of the Guantanamo Bay Standard Operating Procedures manual, and amongst the many horrific contents it included the statement that some prisoners were off-limits to the International Red Cross, which is something the military had previously denied. In addition to her exposure of the Guantanamo Bay files, perhaps Chelsea Manning’s most famous leak came in the form of this video, which depicts two American helicopters firing on a group of men in Baghdad in 2007. The Cablegate leak involved the publishing of 251,287 diplomatic cables sent to the US State Department between December 1966 and February 2010, with human rights, espionage and terrorism all covered in what became at the time the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain.March 24th 2008 saw Wikileaks publish some of Scientology’s most sacred and secret bibles, and in doing so we gained new and enlightening information about this creepy celebrity cult, I mean church, I totally meant church.

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