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Top 5 Stinkiest Foods in the World!

From fruits that just naturally grow smelly to fish left to rot before consumption, there are some really stifling food options around the world. Some may turn your stomach just from reading about them. These are the top 5 stinkiest foods on the planet.

1. Surströmming
This popular Swedish snack consists of fish in a can that are made as sour and fermented as possible. If you type in Surströmming smells like into google, the top result you will get is like spring, which must translate to rotting corpse in Swedish. The stench is so intense that it is usually opened and eaten outdoors, and you can even find many reaction videos of eating or even just smelling this stinky food on Youtube.

2. Rocky Mountain Oysters
What this is in actuality is far off from its name, Rocky Mountain Oysters are actually deep-fried bull testicles. No, these are not only consumed on that show Fear Factor, they are actually often eaten and enjoyed with no intention of a $50,000 prize in many parts of the United States.

3. Tepa (stinkheads)
This traditional Alaskan snack is made by chopping off the heads of fish and burying them with their innards until they achieve the proper kick, or basically, rot. They are often referred to as “stink heads” and if you type “tepa smells like” into google, the top results you will get are: “like hell,” or like “sewage.”

5. The Durian
This fruit is so stinky that many hotels and even airlines have banned them completely. If you type into google “durian smells like, some of the top results you will get are, “like gasoline,” and “poop.”

Luckily, this fruit, which looks kind of like a giant, spikey, alien lemon, has a very short shelve-life, making it difficult, if not impossible to export them out of South-east Asia. Despite its stench, this fruit is very popular and can be found for sale at nearly every intersection.

5. Kimchi
This side dish, which is most popular in Korea, is made of fermented vegetables and select seasonings. It comes in hundreds of varieties, all of which, will make you want to plug your nose during consumption. If you type into google the phrase “kimchi smells like..” the top 3 google auto finish results are “like garbage,” “like fart,” and “like chlorine.”

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel