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Top 5 Mysterious Photos & Pictures

If you were to Google the term “Black Knight” you’ll get two results. One of the worst movies Martin Lawrence has ever made – yes it’s even worse than Big Mommas house – and this, the Black Knight Satellite. This photo was taken by the International Space Station in 1998, and so far nobody can say with certainty exactly what it is. Some think that it is merely a broken part of the space station itself, however many believe this object could be related to the Black Knight Satellite mystery, a mystery which has remained unsolved for over one hundred years.

On the 13th of July 2008 26 year old Jenna Hewitt and her three friends were chilling out on Ditch Plains beach on the South Shore of Long Island when they stumbled upon a creature so gross and so deformed they had no idea what the heck it could be. But anyway, after they said hi to your mom they then found this ugly S.O.B. just lying around in the sand.

When strange lights appear in the sky there can be a whole bunch of simple explanations for them. Sometimes it’s a low flying aircraft. Sometimes it’s a natural phenomenon like the Aurora Borealis. And occasionally, just occasionally, it’s a pelican carrying a disco ball on its way to birthday party. However, these events are usually just a one-off, a single random occurrence that evades explanation. But the Hessdalen Lights in Norway…they sometimes appear 20 times in one week!

These are images of a man called Stefan Michalak, and in 1967 he was prospecting for silver near Falcon Lake in Manitoba, 75 kilometres from the American border. As he was inspecting a potential trail Stefan was startled by a group of geese flying overhead. But if he thought the sound of nature’s vicious feathery jocks was scary enough, what he saw next would change his life forever.

At the bottom of the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland you will find one of the strangest rock formations on earth. The Baltic Sea Anomaly. Usually when this kind of thing is discovered it turns out that it was created either by natural phenomenon, sea creatures, or random bored jerks. But the Baltic Sea Anomaly so far has no concrete explanation for its existence, or its purpose. I guess its kinda like…like….aww hell I can’t be bothered to think of a famous person to compare it to. Just picture the celebrity you hate the most and we’ll move on.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel