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Top 10 STRANGEST Websites Ever – Don’t Go to Them

The internet’s unknown interesting websites can be a pretty freaky and mysterious place sometimes, and often you’ll come across a page that makes you think “what kind of weirdo would enjoy something like this?” Well here is some info for the Strange Websites of the Top 10 of 2017.

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First, don’t forget the site when you can have reborn babies. Shaye Saint John claims to be a once beautiful woman whose face was horrifically disfigured in a car accident, and this is her creepy ass website. Would you love to have a cute little baby without going through the stress of childbirth? Ever wanted to slap a guy with an eel? If Twitter were a country its two main exports would be totally woke white girls and homophobic language; but if you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how often homophobic slurs are used on twitter, just take yourself over to nohomophobes.com and have a gander at their live slur counter.If you’re having a bad day then sometimes it can be quite uplifting to hear about someone else’s troubles, either because it puts your problem into perspective or you get a sick thrill out of seeing someone suffer.Darwintime dot com is an insane word jumble full of random political images and nonsensical statements. This site is pretty self-explanatory, and once more we’re not gonna show you any pictures of the site. This website is either the work of a genius or a lunatic. Here’s a pug licking a window forever. This is one of the few weird sites that have actually been kept up to date, although judging by its content we’re not so sure that’s such a good thing.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel