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Top 10 SECRET Unsolved MESSAGES, Codes, & Clues

Top 10 SECRET Unsolved Messages, Codes, and Clues that still remain a mystery.

The Shugborough Inscription- I’m sure many of you spend your days wandering through the grounds of Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, England. Well, maybe not, but Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens certainly did, and within these grounds, carved onto a monument…
Beale’s Buried Treasure- An old Virginia story once told of a man in the early 19th Century known only as Beale. This man reportedly owned enough treasure to fill two whole wagons. Now, unlike you and I, who would just take this treasure to the nearest Burlesque-themed casino stripper bar
The Phaistos Disc-The Phaistos Disc is a large circular object made of clay which contains important information about Ancient Greece. If ancient Greek antiquity had movies, this is what they’d be stored on.
The Dead Dropout-On the surface Ricky McCormick wasn’t a particularly interesting man, nor was he a very nice man. He was a High School dropout from St. Louis, he had a criminal record for…
The Secret Chinese Millions-In 1933 seven gold bars were issued to a man named General Wang, and as we’re far too classy to make a joke about his name we will simply move on. The gold bars were representative of metal certificates which linked to a significant bank deposit in an unknown US bank….
The Rohonc Codex-One of the most confusing books of all time is the Rohonc Codex. This old Hungarian text is written in an insane mix of old Hungarian runes, letters and symbols which, like the lyrics of every Lil Wayne song ever, have so far resisted any attempt at translation.

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