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Top 10 Mysteries of HUMANS

Top 10 Biggest Mysteries of Humans such as us bursting into flames, DNA that’s not ours, the feeling of being somewhere before, and how are we alive? The body, brain, mind, and soul are covered. Many of these mysteries remain unsolved to this day…..

Spontaneous Combustion. Throughout history there have been reports of people suddenly bursting into ultra hot flames for no apparent reason. Their bodies are instantly consumed, leaving only an oily soot as remains, and sometimes a limb that’s untouched by the flames. The immediate area surrounding the person oft en seems remarkably untouched by the heat or flames, which is even more astounding given that the body would have to burn twice as hot as a crematorium to liquify in this way. Biological Dark Matter. Recent gene sequencing studies have discovered unidentified DNA structures that do not match any of the three known lifeforms on Earth, including Animal, Bacteria and Virus. Yet this matter is so common, it may represent up to 2% of the genetic info in your bloodstream, and up to 50% in your gut contents. Deja Vu. Ever get that feeling that you’ve been here before? Or remember something happening to you as it actually happens? Like a glitch in the Matrix, it’s as if you saw this scene of your life in a preview, and already knew what was going to happen. Sleep. In 600 million years of evolution, most animal life on Earth has spent about a third of that time in a completely defenceless state, unaware of their immediate surroundings, not searching for food, or building shelters, or anything else to ensure survival. Hiccups. Every now and then, something irritates the diaphagm, that area below your lungs that helps you to inhale, and you get the hiccups. They interfere with work, personal life, and sleep patterns, and can eventually push the victim to their limits of endurance. You drink water, hold your breath, stand on your head, and swallow sugar, and pretty soon the spasmodic attacks subside… hopefully. Autism. It’s not a disease, syndrome, or psychiatric disorder. It’s a genetic variation that creates a different way for the human mind to function, like speaking a foreign language, or coming from a different culture. Blushing. Turning red in the face is a universal sign of embarrassment, anger, or emotional stress. It transcends language and culture, and indicates to others that something is not right. It’s a psycho-physiological reaction, seemingly evolved for social and cultural purposes. It’s uncontrollable and incurable, and occurs only to humans; there is no other animal that blushes. Past Life Memory. They say birthmarks are scars carried over from past lives, but some of the most convincing evidence of reincarnation comes from those who claim to remember having lived before. They are able to relate incredibly detailed stories of lives and lifestyles that they rightfully should have no knowledge of. Hum Hearers. All the combined electric fields generated by all the electronic devices in the world are making a terrible racket that might be heard by about 2 percent of the world’s population. One in fifty people complain of hearing a constantly droning hum, like a rumbling diesel engine, at all hours of the day and night, causing headaches, nausea and sleeplessness. Consciousness. The human body is made up of elements; mostly hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, that, like all elements, were created in the stars and drifted through space, before settling on Earth. And yet somehow, this random recipe of ingredients combines into the most complex, self-aware, intelligent life form in the known universe.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel