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Top 10 Most Disturbing Wikipedia Pages: WARNING – Scary Facts – Not Creepypasta

Facts: Top 10 Most Disturbing Wikipedia facts has proven itself the eternal saviour of lazy college students like mr nightmare everywhere unlike creepypasta with its scary stories, but aside from putting door to door encyclopaedia salesmen out of a job this website is also handy if you’re looking to traumatise yourself and become a jabbering, emotional wreck.

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If you were dying from an incurable disease and you wanted to go out on your own terms, would you choose to end it all via the end of a needle in some dingy clinic in Switzerland, or on a kickass rollercoaster that twists your brain into custard?In 2011 a Mexican drug gang called Los Zetas took nearly two hundred people hostage on a bus in the region of San Fernando, and everything about this case, from its discovery to the way people were killed will chill you to the bone.Mayhem were a black metal band from the Norwegian city of Oslo…although when I say were that’s not strictly true…because what makes their Wikipedia page particularly disturbing is the fact that they still are a band, which is surprising, considering the gruesome things they’ve gotten up to in the past.Armin Meiwes was the infamous German cannibal killer whose victim, Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes, voluntarily offered up his severed penis for Meiwes to prepare and consume…which he did. Alien Hand Syndrome is the term used to describe someone who feels as if one or more of their limbs are acting beyond their control, and the Wikipedia page for this bizarre condition contains some seriously creepy examples.The Jonestown commune was a settlement of people established in northwestern Guyana by religious cult leader Jim Jones, who, in 1978, convinced 918 of its residents to commit suicide.All you need to know about the Wikipedia page on Penis Removal is that it conta

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