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Top 10 GENIUS Criminal SCHEMES

Top 10 Genius Criminal Schemes and plots…and the ones that got away with it.

According to Ocean’s Eleven pretty much all you need to break into a world class safe is a bunch of movie stars, a video camera, and a tech guy with a dodgy British accent and an EMP device which

# 10 The Decoy
2008, Monroe, Washington. It’s 11am on a Tuesday. An armoured truck pulls up to the Bank of America and the guard exits with two cash boxes, but the cash never makes its way through the front door. defies the laws of physics. But how do the real criminals do it?

# 9 Con the Criminals
There’s a very easy way to get away with a crime, and that is to make sure that whatever you’re stealing or whomever you’re stealing from really doesn’t want to go running to the cops.

# 8 The Stock Market Swindler
If you watched the Wolf of Wall Street and didn’t want the kind of lifestyle that lets you toss a dwarf while sexy circus ladies watch, then you have no joy in your soul. Everyone dreams about finding a secret stock tip online and making their fortune, which most people try to achieve by Googling it instead of hiring a real broker.

#7 The Vacuum Gang
The smartest criminals look for angles no-one else has thought of, and in the case of the Vacuum Gang they literally thought outside the box. These facile Frenchmen targeted the Monoprix supermarket, where the safe itself is extremely secure, and pumping the cashiers full of shotgun rounds wasn’t an option because this isn’t Grand Theft Auto.

# 6 The Brazilian Banco Bust
This crime makes the list because of the sheer amount of effort involved, and how much planning went into their cover story. Most gangs who plan a big bank job might rent a building nearby, carve a tunnel across the street, and cough loudly every time the drill makes a crunching sound. Not these guys. They dug a tunnel from two whole city blocks away over several months.

# 5 The Antwerp Diamond Heist
The Antwerp Diamond heist was dubbed the heist of the century after diamonds, gold, and jewellery worth over 100 million dollars were stolen from the Antwerp Diamond Centre in 2003. What made it so special? This vault was considered to be one of the most impregnable on the planet. Meat Loaf has an easier time getting into a pair of daisy dukes than you would getting your hands on these diamonds, but somehow they managed it.

# 4 The Blind Hacker
Matthew Weigman was born almost completely blind, and in case you’re thinking this leads him on an awesome path of self-discovery, superhuman abilities and into a happy jolly candy land then prepare to be disappointed. Weigman did indeed develop amazing hearing skills, but he mostly used them for ingeniously horrible things.

# 3 Chinese Takeout
How can you rob a bank in such a way that nobody notices? With modern technology even small amounts of cash are traceable, and the banks are so protective they even chain those tiny pens to the desk. But in 2007 the manager of the Agricultural Bank of China Ren Xiaofeng figured out how to steal money and have nobody know.

# 2 The Ponzi Scheme
This was a crime so good they put his name on it. In the 1920s Charles Ponzi was an Italian businessman who enticed investors with a scheme promising to double people’s money in no time. His initial plan involved exploiting the differing price of an International Reply Coupon between countries, by simply buying them cheaply in one territory and selling them for more in another. So far so simple.

# 1 Absolutely Priceless
If you’re going to steal five hundred million dollars’ worth of some of the most famous artwork ever created, including paintings by Rembrandt, Degas, and Vermeer…then you’ll have to come up with a pretty smart plan to deal with the authorities first.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel