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Time Travel Proof

Who visited us from the year 8100 and ingrain binary code into a man’s head?

The incident known as Britain’s Roswell took place in 1980, in England’s Rendlesham Forest halfway between two military bases on loan to the US Air Force.

Patrolmen observed what appeared to be an aircraft with bright revolving lights crashing into the trees, and rushed to investigate.
In a small forest clearing, they encountered a cone shaped, metallic object the size of a small car, with a triangular landing gear floating about a foot above the ground on a rotating beam of blue and red light.

A sphere of tingly energy surrounded the UFO causing radio interference with the base, and induced a hazy state of confusion and timelessness for the two men who approached it. When patrol seargent Jim Penniston got close enough to touch some black markings etched onto the craft, it blasted off in a brilliant burst of light.

As the men staggered back to the road, Penniston was left with the crystal clear impression of a long series of ones and zeroes that he did not understand, but copied into his notebook. It would take almost thirty years until someone recognized that this was a message in binary code, and translated, it seems to be from time travelers from the year eighty-one hundred.

The message says:
“ Exploration of Humanity,
Continuous for planetary advance,
Fourth coordinate continuous” – Which seems to refer to time travelling explorers.

And then a series of map coordinates that refer to ancient places of power, like the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Nazca Lines of Peru.

A mysterious line says “Eyes of your Eyes.”
The Origin Location points to Ireland’s legendary island of Hy Brasil, in the Year 8100.

Just what could this message mean? Who is exploring humanity…and what planet is trying to advance? Is it us in the future? Why are the location coordinates those of the Giza Plateau and Nazca Lines?…and what does Eyes of Your Eyes mean?….more information can be found in our Hy’Brasil video which I’ll provide a link to shortly.

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