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This Is The Fastest Wi-Fi Yet!

We live in a world where Wi-Fi speeds are fast, but what if they could be faster? Julian is here to discuss a new method scientists are using to achieve higher speeds.

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Scientists twist radio beams to send data: Transmissions reach speeds of 32 gigibits per second

“Researchers twist four radio beams together to achieve high data transmission speeds.”

Who invented the radio?

“Inventors around the world were churning out new and exciting inventions left and right in the years leading up to the 20th century.”

Submarine cable maps

Fiber Optics

Transatlantic communications cable

“A transatlantic telecommunications cable is a submarine communications cable connecting one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other.”

NEC and Corning achieve petabit optical transmission

“Optical communications and IT services provider NEC Corp. of America and fiber developer Corning Inc., have announced what they are calling ‘record-breaking results in transmission capacity over optical fibers’.”

AT&T LTE network tops speed test, but Verizon still has the best LTE coverage

ITU: The “Official 4G Standard Approved

“The International Telecommunications Union has completed the assessment of six 4G mobile wireless broadband candidate standards for the official IMT-Advanced designation that will deliver interoperable, 100 Mbps (mobile) broadband speeds as an official international 4G standard.”

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How Wireless Charging Works


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