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These Nanostructures Are Hacking Nature

Microscopic structures that can’t be seen with the naked eye have defied the laws of physics and may revolutionize the future.

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Smallest Lattice Structure Worldwide

“The object is exposed to temperatures of around 900°C in a vacuum furnace. This causes chemical bonds to reorient themselves. Except for carbon, all elements escape from the resist. The unordered carbon remains in the shrunk lattice structure in the form of glassy carbon. The resulting structures were tested for stability under pressure by the researchers.”

The Unnatural Properties of a Designer “Sponge”

“If the bumper is made of a lattice-like material instead, it could absorb even more energy in a collision, minimizing the force on the passengers inside, but afterwards pop back to its original shape, ready for the next collision. Since Florijn can tune his material to have different properties, a “smart” bumper that changes its stiffness depending on the speed of the car is also possible.”

‘Impossible’ Material Would Stretch When Compressed

“Motter says much of the previous work on metamaterials has focused on creating novel electromagnetic properties, such as bending light to create invisibility cloaks. The new study is part of a budding branch of research into “mechanical” metamaterials with unusual responses to stresses and strains.”


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