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There’s Only One Aphrodisiac According To Science

We’ve all heard stories about aphrodisiacs, but is there any science behind them? Do aphrodisiacs really work?

Do Humans Have Mating Dances? –
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Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

“WARNING: THIS BEVERAGE WILL AROUSE YOU, reads the label of a cherry-flavored “love drink” that may soon be hitting U.S. supermarket shelves. The new pop, Turn On, is packed with the energy-drink staples ginseng and caffeine. But it’s being marketed as a booster for a kind of workout you won’t find at the gym.”

Absurd Creature of the Week: The Spanish Fly Is Real, and It’s Ridiculously Dangerous

“A group of soldiers were complaining of weakness, stomach problems, dry mouths, and aggressively persistent erections. The problem, it seemed, was that they’d been eating frogs that had themselves been eating the fabled Spanish fly.”

REVIEWS: Pathways of Sexual Desire

“Brain dopamine systems (incertohypothalamic and mesolimbic) that link the hypothalamus and limbic system appear to form the core of the excitatory system. This system also includes melanocortins, oxytocin, and norepinephrine. Brain opioid, endocannabinoid, and serotonin systems are activated during periods of sexual inhibition, and blunt the ability of excitatory systems to be activated.”


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Written by: Crystal Dilworth

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