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The Top 5 Most Incredible Kid Inventions Of 2015

Professional scientists make big headlines when they discover new planets, uncover tombs, or engineer technological marvels, but once upon a time, they were a kid with an idea. Trace and Crystal show off the top five kid inventions from 2015.

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Lego – Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s building block to technical innovation

“The eighth-grader used Lego to create a low-cost Braille printer that he designed over long evenings at his family’s kitchen table in Santa Clara, an hour south of San Francisco. The idea is to print Braille reading materials from a personal computer or electronic device on to paper using raised dots instead of ink.”

Science Fair Winner Designs Device To Cut Virus Spread On Planes

“Using computer simulations, Wang designed a device that can potentially curb disease transmission on planes by optimally directing airflow in a cabin.”

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