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The Taured Man: Interdimensional Traveler?

Man has passport from Taured…but Taured doesn’t exist. Could he be from another dimension?

It’s 1954. A professional looking caucasian man appears in the customs line. He is carrying european currency, some business documents, and a passport from the country of “Taured.”

Japanese customs officials, baffled by the mans passport from a non-existant country, take him into the interrogation room.
Who exactly is this man and what is he trying to do?

During the interrogation it was revealed that the man spoke fluent French, Spanish….and even Japanese.

A driver’s license from the country of Taured was also discovered.

Customs officials present the man with a map and ask him to point out where his country is at. He begins to point in the area of Andorra, a small country nestled between France and Spain,….but then quickly realizes his country isn’t on the map!

An eerie silence falls over the room as both the man and the customs officials stare at each other in complete bewilderment.

The man explains how he has never heard of Andorra and that his homeland of Taured has existed for more than 1,000 years.

To add to the confusion, the man’s passport had been stamped for the past five years during which time the man says he had traveled to and from Tokyo many times without any issue.
Not knowing what to do, security locked the man in a room on the top floor of a nearby hotel. Two armed guards stood outside the door overnight until officials could continue the investigation.

The next morning, customs officials arrived to the hotel room and discovered the man had disappeared just as mysteriously as had arrived.
But this was impossible! The man couldn’t have escaped out of the window — as it was over 100 feet from the ground. The only other way would have been through the door…but two guards were standing there.

All further investigations into the case turned up nothing.
Some people commented that this man may have slipped in from another dimension of some sort while others claim that he might have been a criminal on the run that happened to slip through authorities one more time.

What do you think?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel