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The Surprising Way People Become Homeless

Homelessness is currently a growing problem in the United States. New research shows that many homeless men aren’t lazy, but they have suffered serious brain injuries! Join Tara as she reports on this study, and what’s being done to help these individuals.

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Study finds almost half of homeless men had traumatic brain injury in their lifetime, vast majority before they lost their homes

“Almost half of all homeless men who took part in a study by St. Michael’s Hospital had suffered at least one traumatic brain injury in their life and 87 per cent of those injuries occurred before the men lost their homes.”

Traumatic brain injury among men in an urban homeless shelter: observational study of rates and mechanisms of injury

“Little empiric research has investigated the interrelationship between homelessness and traumatic brain injury.”

The effect of traumatic brain injury on the health of homeless people

“We sought to determine the lifetime prevalence of traumatic brain injury and its association with current health conditions in a representative sample of homeless people in Toronto, Ontario.”

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