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The Science Of Surfboards

Athletes often aren’t perceived as being nerdy, but a LOT of science goes into sports! Here’s what it takes to surf.

The Physics Of Baseball Pitches:

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A Brief History of the Surfboard

“These days anyone can grab a surfboard and hang 10. From its humble wooden beginnings, we explore the surfboard’s past—and look to its future.”

How Surfing Works

“Newton’s first law states that objects in motion, like waves, tend to stay in motion, while objects at rest, like a floating surfboard, tend to stay at rest. This is why a surfer has to paddle to catch a wave.”

A Surfboard Made By Rocket Scientist

“Edison Conner, a former SpaceX rocket scientist and co-founder of Varial Surf Technology, tried for years to create a durable surfboard from aerospace material. “

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