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The Science Behind Our Fear Of Clowns

Clowns were originally supposed to be funny, yet many people nowadays find them super creepy. Why is that? Why are we so afraid of clowns?

Why Human Replicas Creep Us Out –
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Why are we so scared of clowns?

“They’re supposedly figures of innocent fun – brightly coloured jesters to entertain our children and slip on banana skins in exaggerated displays of slapstick comedy. But the manic joy, the mask of make up and the excessive familiarity are just a hair’s breadth away from terror.”

Why Brains Get Creeped Out By Androids

“We’ve all found ourselves in the uncanny valley before. It’s that uneasy feeling you get when viewing a realistic humanoid or CGI person that’s so close to looking human that it seems almost spooky.”

An Expert Explains Why You’re Scared of Creepy Clowns and Other Horror Tropes

“So why is it that these images are just as frightening now as they were to our great-grandparents? Clearly, there’s some deep psychology at work here. Vulture called up Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and fright-film fan Steven Schlozman – who teaches an undergraduate course on the psychology of horror – to find out why certain things stay scary.”

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