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The Ruins of Atlantis?

In 1938, world-famous psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that the fabled city of Atlantis would be discovered in thirty years time.

Fast forward thirty years to 1968, to the very tip of what is commonly referred to as The Bermuda Triangle, one of the most mysterious places on the planet, and the Bimini Road underwater rock formation was discovered by an airplane pilot, while flying near the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas.

This incredible formation of retangular shaped, cemented paving stones has been carbon dated to over fifteen thousand years old, when sea levels were much lower, and the Bimini Road could possibly have been a causeway leading from the mainland to Atlantis, in the center of the Bermuda Triangle.

Cayce described Atlantis as being an advanced civilization with superior technology based on the harnessing of intense energy from power crystals. It’s been theorized by others that it’s the residual energies from these crystals that have interfered with navigaton compasses and electronics, and caused so many mysterious occurances within this area.

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