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The Haunted – Dog Suicide – Overtoun Bridge

The deadly Overtoun bridge…

How can a bridge in Scotland cause at least fifty dogs to commit suicide?

The mysterious Overtoun Bridge close to Milton, Dumbarton in Scotland is notoriously famous for sending dogs to their ultimate fate.

The bridge is known for causing dogs to spontaneously jump over the four foot tall concrete walls of the bridge which puts them down a forty foot drop where their life sadly ends.

But why? Just what is it about this bridge that causes dogs to have such unusual behavior? Many theories exist.

One is that the sound of water below mesmerized the dogs into luring it to them…another is that, to dogs, some sort of optical illusion exists which causes them to jump over the walls. Another theory suggests that the bridge is haunted by a mentally disturbed local man whom threw his baby off the bridge long ago somehow persuades dogs into jumping to their fate.

However, a more scientific explanation may exist. A man by the name of Dr. David Sands holds a rare doctorate in the field of animal psychology.

First off, Sands suggests that the four foot tall concrete walls on both sides of the bridge make it impossible for any dog to actually see what’s on either side. Secondly, the sound of water is extremely loud and could be overbearing and confusing to the dogs — he basically states that their senses would be “on fire.”

Since it’s only dogs though, there must be more to the story.

Sands investigated further and discovered that the scent of “mink” was extremely strong around the bridge.

Thus, he set up an experiment where he tested dog’s interest in 3 different scents: mink, squirrel, and mouse. Tested dogs had an overwhelming and unusual attraction towards the scent of mink…causing them to even completely disregard the smell of a mouse of squirrel.

Sands theorized that the combination of the dog’s sight being blocked, hearing being overwhelmed, and extremely strong and alluring mink smell could cause the dogs to accidently jump over the walls of the bridge to their ultimate fate.

Is Sands theory correct or are there other forces at hand? Let us know what you think.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel