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The Future Of Clean Nuclear Energy Is Coming

Nuclear power has been around for decades, and it accounts for 19% of energy in the United States. Julian is here to discuss how scientists are now looking at how molten salt reactors might be changing the way we create energy.

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Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors: Part Of America’s Long-Term Energy Future?

“In the coming decades, an increasing number of coal and nuclear baseload electricity plants will be retired.”

Breeder reactors

Chinese going for broke on thorium nuclear power, and good luck to them

“The nuclear race is on. China is upping the ante dramatically on thorium nuclear energy.”

Light Water Reactors

How France is disposing of its nuclear waste

“The dusty subterranean science laboratory built by the French nuclear waste agency Andra is designed to find out whether this could be the final resting place for most of France’s highly radioactive waste, the deadly remains of more than half a century of nuclear energy.”

Why the French Like Nuclear Energy

“Civaux in southwestern France is a stereotypical rural French village with a square, a church and a small school.”

Solar industry grapples with hazardous wastes

“Homeowners on the hunt for sparkling solar panels are lured by ads filled with images of pristine landscapes and bright sunshine, and words about the technology’s benefits for the environment — and the wallet.”

Uranium 233


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How to Solve Our Nuclear Waste Problem

Launching Solar Panels Into Space


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