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The Dwaraka Mystery: Lord Krishna’s Undersea Lost City

The Dwaraka Mystery is a now undersea alleged 11,000 year old city ruled by a powerful magical being known as Lord Krishna. It is also associated with Vimanas or ancient UFOs.

An ancient Indian city led by a man with blue skin and magical powers has recently been allegedly discovered sunken in the Indian Ocean.

Dwaraka is an ancient city which was ruled by the Hindu God Krishna. According to ancient Indian texts it was the capital of a massive mythical kingdom which may have existed 10,000 years ago.

The city was built at the request of Lord Krisha by the god Vishvakarman, whom, in Hindu, is known as the “all-accomplishing maker of all.” Vishvakarman built the city in one day quote “mentally.”

In the Harivamsa Purana, the city is described as:

Being near the mountain rain Raivetaka, which was allegedly the living place of the gods.

The houses were arranged in a grid like pattern with enormously high buildings that supposedly “touched the sky” and were made of gold.

It was the only city on earth which was, according to the Harivamsa Purana, studden with gems.

Lord Krishna himself is many times depicted with blue and/or dark skin. He also seemed to have access to special weapons or technology that allowed him to fight incoming forces….technology that seemed to resemble anti-aircraft weaponry.

Flying machines known as “Vimayas,” which many believe were ancient UFO like craft also were involved in the city in many ways.

In fact, many ancient alien theorist believe Krisha himself was an alien whom had built a type of base on earth.

In 2001, Indian announced that they found ruins in the Guilf of Khabhat. The ruins span a 9 kilometere stretch and are over 120 feet deep.

Due to the conditions of the water, no conclusive evidence could be made…but it is theorized that this could have potentially been the ancient city of Dwaraka

adding some evidence to the tales of Lord Krishna and the strange happenings from long ago.

What do you think and why? Did Dwaraka exist…is it hiding within the sea in the Gulf of Khambat?

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel