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The Disturbing Truth About Sperm Banks

Sperm banks allow couples all across the world to have children, but there’s something very important that these sperm banks aren’t telling you.

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The Surprising Birthplace of the First Sperm Bank

“In a country scandalized and outraged so easily, the sperm bank has been naturalized. To say one works at a sperm bank would cause no more of a commotion than to say one works at an investment bank, surely.”

What Does Sperm Donation Involve?

“About 150 commercial sperm banks exist in the United States; these banks are often clustered around universities where many intelligent and virile young men live.”

9 Sperm-Donation Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

“Those of you busy buying tickets to Thor or The Hunger Games, may have missed a movie premiering this week about a man who fathers 533 children.”

Are Sperm Donors Really Anonymous Anymore

“When Donor 3066 signed up with the California Cryobank, he offered some basic information about himself on a piece of paper: that he had a BA in theater; that his mother was a nurse and his father was in the Baseball Hall of Fame; that his birthday was Sept. 18, 1968.”

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