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The Crazy Tech Behind America’s Arctic Missile Defense

We found mysterious remnants of an old military project on top of remote mountains in Alaska, why are they there? What is White Alice?

Could Alaska Be The New Center For Global Trade? ►►►►
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The ice curtain that divides US families from Russian cousins

“Two islands in the Bering Straits, one Russian, one American, are barely two miles apart. Only a few military observation posts remain on the Russian island, but a community of Eskimos lives on the US island. After the Cold War they hoped to resume regular contact with Russian relatives – but now the chances seem to be fading again.”

Army revisits troposcatter communications technology as alternative to long-range SATCOM

“U.S. Army researchers are reaching out to industry for fresh ideas on tropospheric scatter (troposcatter) technologies for fixed-site and on-the-move long-range military communications as an alternative to satellite communications (SATCOM).”

The White Alice Communications System

“In the early 50’s, during the height of the cold war paranoia, a number of Air Force radar stations were built along the coast and in the interior of Alaska to warn of incoming enemy aircraft attacks, and for control of responding US fighters.”

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