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The Blackest And Whitest Things Around!

What’s blacker than black and whiter that white? Trace tells you how NASA is testing the blackest substance in the world for use on satellites, but despite all our trying, nature beat us at creating the whitest.

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The beetle’s white album

“The physical properties of the ultra-white scales on certain species of beetle could be used to make whiter paper, plastics and paints, while using far less material than is used in current manufacturing methods.”

Super-Black Nano-Coating to Be Tested for the First Time in Space

“An emerging super-black nanotechnology that promises to make spacecraft instruments more sensitive without enlarging their size will be tested for the first time on the International Space Station within a year.”

NASA’s Super-Black Material Arrives In Space

“A sample of one of the world’s blackest materials—so dark, it’s impossible to see when it’s folded—is now getting tested in space.”

Meet The Man Who Wants To ‘Grow’ The Blackest Color In The World

“Imagine the color black. Perhaps you envision a piece of coal, the ebony stripes of a zebra or the depths of outer space. Now imagine a color darker than black. Darker than that piece of coal, that stripe or the mysterious corners of the world beyond our planet.”

Blacker Than Black

“Black is black, right? Not so, according to a team of NASA engineers now developing a blacker-than pitch material that will help scientists gather hard-to-obtain scientific measurements or observe currently unseen astronomical objects, like Earth-sized planets in orbit around other stars.”


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