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The Alien King…Are You Related to Him? – Akhenaten Documentary

A Hybrid Alien Egyptian King Imparts DNA to the rest of world? Could even YOU be part alien as well? Learn more in this Akhenaten Documentary.

Growing mounds of evidence have begun to support the theory that Akhenaten could have been part alien and part human. If this is true, then the implications for humanity could be shocking.

Akhenaten was originally named Amenhotep, but only five years into his reign he renamed himself to Akhenaten, which means “the living spirt of Aten.” Aten, to Egyptians, was the representation of the sun as a god. Many theorized that the gods were actually extraterrestrial beings that had visited the Egyptians.

Additionaly, unlike any other pharoah, Akhenaten forced the Egyptians to worship only one god instead of many – and that god was the sun itself. Interestingly this new religion had no aspects of the supernatural in it. It was pure and very logically based – it focused on one thing and one thing only: the sun. But why? Why did Akhenaten want to change the religion of the Egyptians?

And why was he so, differently minded in eliminating all other aspects of the supernatural in Egyptian religion? Was he ahead of his time? Did he know something the others didn’t?
Akhenaten is considered by some historians to be the first example of the “scientific mind.” A man named Flinders Petrie stated in 1889 that he could not find a flaw in his religious views as the sun being the center of energy in the solar system.
Petrie stated that he could not find any ounce superstition or any way to actually scientifically improve upon Ahkenaten’s views of religion…they were almost too perfect and correct in a mysterious way. It was as if Akhenaten was way beyond his time.

Additionally, Akhenaten was known for and depicted as having unusual physical features. When compared to that of modern day descriptions of other’s close encounters with aliens, some uncanny resemblences appear.

His chin is dropped lower. His eyes are huge. His head is elongated. Skeptics believe these features could be the result of a genetic deformation or something known as “head binding,” a technique that attempts to elongate the skull, but little evidence and analysis of his remains supports these latter notions.

Akhenaten’s strange features manifest, albeit more weakly, in his daughters…and most notably…his child Tutenkamen. Tutenkamen is supposedly the ancestor of what could be half of the world’s Western population.

If this is true, then is it possible that he imparted Alien DNA to almost everyone in the modern world?

Could it be true that an ancient hybrid alien egyptian king has imparted pieces of the otherworldly in all of us?

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