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The 7 Weirdest Islands in the World

Getting stranded alone on an island might seem bad enough, but it gets much worse when you find out there are a million corpses on there with you.

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This is an island with a past, present and future like no other. If you were to wake up suddenly on the Yemeni island of Socotra you might think you’d been transported to another planet, and you wouldn’t be far off, because this place is frequently described as the most alien-looking land on Earth.The next time you call your hometown a dump you might wanna check your privilege bro, because for the people of Thilafushi island in the Maldives, that description is all too literal.We’ve covered the Isla de las Munecas before on this channel, but here’s a recap for those of you who missed it. Sable Island is situated 300 kilometres southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has been responsible for so many shipwrecks it’s been given the nickname the Atlantic Cemetery. You’ve probably already heard of that Japanese island full of cats and the Brazilian island full of snakes…and if you haven’t, well that’s too bad, because we’re more interested in this, the island of feral, chemically altered rabbits. Miyake-Jima is the second Japanese island to make this list, and considering what goes on here you’d hope this place would at least get a mention in Okunoshima’s Poison Gas museum.

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