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The 7 Scariest Archaeological Discoveries

Famous singer and hat-enthusiast Jamiroquai once sang “I’m going deeper underground, there’s too much panic in this town.” But if he’d known about some of the things waiting for him in the subterranean world he might not have been so hasty.

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This is a reconstructed model of a Diprotodon, which was a Rhino-sized marsupial that roamed the Earth between two million and fifty thousand years ago. In 2012 the area around London’s Liverpool Street Station was in the process of being excavated as part of the Crossrail project, when the construction team discovered something that literally stopped them dead in their tracks.At least when they excavated London Liverpool Street they had a heap of full corpses to work with, but when a 3,600-year-old palace was dug up in the Egyptian city of Avaris, all the archaeologists found were hands. This next entry is gruesome because of what the archaeologists found, and also what they didn’t find. In 1933 French archaeologist Robert du Mesnil du Buisson was investigating the remains of a Syrian battlefield where the Persian and Roman armies fought in 256 AD. On February 13th 2015, just one day before Valentine’s Day, the Greek Culture Ministry announced this freaky discovery. New Zealand, 1986. A team of archaeologists are making their way through the cave system of Mount Owen, when they stumble upon the last thing you’d want to find inside a deep and dark mountain cavern – this thing.

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