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The 5 Most Puzzling Questions of Humanity

Are we human, or are we dancer? God I hate the Killers, but what about serial killers; are they truly evil? Does the idea of evil even exist? And if so, is it our fault when we humans do evil things, or do we lack the ability to think for ourselves?

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If humanity has a goal, if we have one sole purpose as a race, then what is it? We’ve covered aspects of free will before on this channel and speculated that it might not exist. Many would say that good and evil acts exist without question, whether it’s stroking a lost puppy and feeding it some chow, or taking that same puppy and forcing it through a mincing machine – these are easily identifiable to a balanced mind as fundamentally good or evil.Humans are undoubtedly more intelligent than anything else on the planet, but does this make us special? Are we superior because of our advanced abilities? Or is all life of equal importance?Where does humanity go after Homo Sapiens? Homo Apparatus? A hybrid of man and machine? Homo Vestibulum? Part man part gas?

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