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The 5 Most BRUTAL Families in History

If you’re trying to think of the most brutal families in history you might say the Manson family, but they were just murderers and not a real family.

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Manfred von Richthofen was an ace fighter pilot who flew for Germany in World War One, and with his confirmed kill tally hitting an astonishing eighty, von Richthofen’s death aged 25 in 1918 came as something of a relief to the allied powers. When used in the context of Genghis, Ogedei and Kublai Khan the word Khan is not a family name, but actually refers to a title given to rulers and officials in Asian and other Muslim countries. We covered the Sawney Bean Clan in our recent video on horror movies based on real life events, as we revealed that The Hills Have Eyes was inspired by the gruesome antics of Scotland’s Sawney Bean family, who existed sometime between the 13th and 16th Centuries.If you’re hoping that such barbaric families are a thing of the past then we’re gonna shatter that illusion right now with the tale of Russian couple Roman Podkopayev and his wife Inessa Tarverdiyeva. Bashir Al Assad is the current ruler of Syria, and while he himself has a lot to answer for, he was never likely to stray too far from the path of destruction trodden by his family members before him.

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