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The 10 Strangest Mating Rituals

Remember when we made fun of all those dumb animals for their weird mating rituals? Ha, that was fun wasn’t it? But guess what stupid humans, this time it’s your turn.

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The Atayal tribe are some of the original inhabitants of the island of Taiwan, and up until the 1930’s their men were forced to do something pretty nasty in order to woo a lady. The sight of two men fighting over a girl’s love is a scene that’s repeated every day in every town and city all over the world. Remember all those cheesy 90’s movies where a guy would stand outside a girl’s window, throw rocks at it and then serenade her with an acoustic guitar at three in the morning?When the Tidong people of Borneo get married the husband must sing his veiled wife a series of love songs before he is permitted to see her face. Am I the only guy who’s jealous that women get to get all dolled up and we men have to just sit there looking like hairy sacks of crap? Kickapoo is both a terrible idea and the name of a Native American tribe found in Mexico, and for the past 100 years young Kickapoo kids have developed a system of coded whistles to communicate secretly with the people they want to plow.Are you scared that Mars will destroy you or your partner? Picture the scene – your thirteen-year-old daughter comes home with a boy and she wants to have sex with him. The old stereotype that says women get fat as soon as they get married is pretty offensive to some peopleā€¦unless you live in Mauritania, because here it’s a compliment to both the bride and her husband.Apparently, you can tell whether you’ll have great chemistry with someone if you enjoy the smell of their sweat, so why not give your significant other’s t-shirt or jockstr

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