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The 10 Secrets of Disney

Let’s start with the obvious thing first. Walt Disney was not cryogenically frozen…

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Did you know that Walt Disney stole the idea of Mickey Mouseā€¦from himself? According to documents obtained under the freedom of information act, Walt Disney acted as an informant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 26 years, and was even made a Special Agent in Charge Contact in 1954. During the first six months of Disneyland there existed a bizarre exhibit known as the Hollywood-Maxwell Intimate Apparel Shop.Walt Disney may have sported a cheeky little moustache, but he absolutely hated beards – except on dwarves, underwater sea kings and pirates of course.In the interests of not getting sued I’m just going to post a few pictures up now, and let you folks decide for yourselves on any coincidences you may or may not be able to see.Club 33 is a secret members-only organisation inside Disneyland which Walt Disney planned but never lived to see completed. When Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride first opened in 1967, some people complained that the skeleton props used to decorate the attractions weren’t realistic. Because Disney’s theme parks are such magical places they often hold fond memories for many families, and so when a Disney-loving person passes away their grieving relatives sometimes try to contact the park about having their remains buried there.Due to the amount of food trash generated by Disneyland’s customers, a significant animal population has developed in the park over a number of years. There are a fair few rodents hanging around

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