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Synesthesia: The Science Behind Seeing Sounds & Tasting Color

Synesthesia is a rare neurological condition where someone’s senses become entangled. What’s it like to see sound and taste color?

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The Synesthesia Project

“At its simplest level, synesthesia means that when a certain sense or part of a sense is activated, another unrelated sense or part of a sense is activated concurrently. For example, when someone hears a sound, he or she immediately sees a color or shape in his or her ‘mind’s eye.’”

Prevalence of Learned Grapheme-Color Pairings in a Large Online Sample of Synesthetes

“Learning has also been shown to play a role in other types of synesthesia such as word-taste synesthesia, and most types of synesthesia involve culturally learned sequences such as letters, numbers, dates, and pitches. However, there are reasons to be cautious about extrapolating from our result to the claim that synesthetic correspondences in general can be or are often learned from external stimuli.”


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