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STRANGE Alien Sphere Discovered in Backyard

The strangest object…a sphere…with alien like properties is found in the backyard of the Betz’s family house.

A family stumbles upon a mysterious seemingly otherworldly sphere in the middle of the woods with strange behaviors…

Terry Betz was just a 21 year old pre-med student when he discovered the mysterious gleaming artifact, on his parent’s burnt woodland acreage, on historic Fort George Island, on Florida’s Bermuda coast.

It was a shiny, metal sphere, about the size of a volleyball. It was highly polished and perfectly smooth with only one exception: A tiny triangular symbol etched onto it’s surface, which seemed to be magnetic.

It seemed the only direction the strange sphere could have come from, was up. Perhaps it was some sort of satellite that had dropped from orbit, but it showed no signs of scorch marks from re-entry. The recent forest fire that exposed it did not seem to leave any burn marks either.

When they got the sphere home they were shocked to see it start vibrating as though a small motor were inside, and it rolled on it’s own power as if exploring it’s new surroundings, checking out the entire room for several minutes, before returning to it’s starting point. When placed on a table top, it would roll right up to the edge and then change direction to avoid falling off, even rolling upwards when the table was tilted forward.

It also reacted to Terry’s guitar playing by vibrating like a tuning fork, which disturbed the family dog so much she would whimper and cringe, covering her ears with her paws. The family soon started noticing the ghostly sound of organ music playing throughout the house, and doors slamming for no apparent reason.

The US Navy was invited to analyze the sphere, who concluded, “They knew it wasn’t theirs, but there’s certainly something odd about it.” Their most powerful x-rays were unable to penetrate two inner cores of unusual density inside the thick, stainless steel shell. They’d have to cut it open to examine it.

Other scientific researchers, including Project Blue Book advisor Dr. Allen Hynek, also examined the sphere and discovered it was emitting radio waves, and was emitting an impossible magnetic field that defied modern physics by fluctuating from multiple poles.

They also calculated that the inner core must contain an element far heavier than the most radioactive element on Earth, and that if the sphere was ever pierced, “perhaps the masses would go critical’ and explode like an atomic bomb.” Shortly after this announcement, the Betz family and the sphere disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel