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Space Is Trying To Kill Us! How Astronauts Survive

Space isn’t as safe as we thought. What happens to Astronauts’ bodies while in space and when they return to Earth?

How Astronauts Exercise in Space –
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NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns Safely To Earth After One-Year Mission

“During the record-setting One-Year mission, the station crew conducted almost 400 investigations to advance NASA’s mission and benefit all of humanity. Kelly and Kornienko specifically participated in a number of studies to inform NASA’s Journey to Mars, including research into how the human body adjusts to weightlessness, isolation, radiation and the stress of long-duration spaceflight.”

After A Year In Space, Scott Kelly Returns 2 Inches Taller

“NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to the U.S. on Thursday after spending nearly a year in space. Now that Kelly is home, his journey is just beginning. Scott Kelly’s year in space was part of a NASA twin study involving his brother, Mark Kelly.”

NASA’s Plan For What To Do If An Astronaut Loses It In Space

“…despite the extremely close quarters-and the isolation, and the darkness-involved in space travel, there are no records of astronauts behaving violently, either towards themselves or their fellow crew members, while on a mission. (That’s probably thanks to NASA’s intense psychological screening process.) Should that streak ever come to an end, NASA has a plan in place. An admittedly low-tech one, but it’s something.”

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