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Slender Man: A Real-Life Documentary

The real-life documentary of Slender Man – sightings included.

Has a mysterious being known as Slender Man been terrorizing humans for centuries?

12 year old girls stab and kill another young girl because of the Slender man.

This is Slender Man. Imagine finding him ominously standing over your bed one night with his featureless face, towering height, and long, slender arms. You feel adrenaline shoot through your heart…you cover your feet in a state of extreme paranoia…but there’s no one in your room…or is there?

What is this creature doing? Why is he there? Panicked, you get out of your bed as he mysterious disappears as if he wasn’t there before. As you leave your room, you notice him standing at the end of the hallway. Despite his lack of eyes, you can feel him staring back at you. You blink…he’s gone…or was he ever even there? For some unknown reason, you know you’ll see him again.

You start seeing him in other places. You see him mysteriously standing on the side of the road while you’re driving. You see him at work when you’re the last one to leave for the night.

You sleep starts getting disrupted due to the constant paranoia you now have. Your life stars to suffer in all areas as strange thoughts begin to occupy your mind. Are you thinking for yourself or is someone or something doing it for you?

According to legend, you’re experiencing what is known as “slender sickness.”

You begin to experience bouts of memory loss. You wake up in strange places. You’re tortured in this way for years…until one day your body is found deep in the woods. No exact cause of death can be determined. However, all of your organs have been neatly removed, placed into plastic bags, and then put back into your dead body….for what seems to be no reason.

This is what allegedly occurs when one starts being stalked by Slender Man.

But what is he? What are his motives? What is his reasoning?

No one knows his motives – in fact the whole notion of Slender Man is mysterious. There is seemingly no logic behind his actions.

As for what he is..some believe Slender Man is the result of something known as the tulpa effect – whereby certain things exist due to the collective belief of many individuals that that thing actually does exist.

Others believe Slender Man is the result of certain theories of quantum mechanics that have to do with the relationships between particles.

Some just don’t believe and think that he is simply a folktale created by the internet.

Many alleged photos exist of Slender Man in various places. Some are obvious fakes, some arn’t so obvious. There is so much information and media about him that the lines somewhere between what is real and not real have been blurred – just like the legend depicts him as doing.

Still, the lore of Slender Man persists for some reason…whatever that might be. Maybe its for profit. Maybe its for fun. Maybe it’s because there’s a grain of truth in it.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel