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Sightings of Dinosaur-Like Beast: The Megalania

Sightings of a huge beast similar to a dinosaur called the Megalania continue to be reported.

The Megalania is a massive lizard that dwarfs the Komodo dragon today…in fact it could be mistaken for a dinosaur. Despite the fact that it is believed to have gone extinct some 30,000 years ago…evidence supports that it is still around today.

In 1979, biologist Frank gordon saw what he thought was a log near his vehicle. After turning the engine on, the log scampered off. It ended up being some sort of 30 foot long lizard.

Another report of the Megalania involves a farmer whom observed a giant lizard walking along the edge of his farm…where the fenceposts were. Using the fenceposts as guides, he estimated the lizard to be around 25 feet.

In new guinea in the 1960s, a french priest was traveling with a native. Suddenly, they spotted a huge lizard lying on a fallen tree bathed in the sun. Scared out of their minds, the two turned around and headed back where they came. Later the next day, the priest came back and measured the log…it was 40 feet long…and the lizard had stretched the entire length of it.

Add these reports to the fact that recent Megalania bones have been dated to be only 300 years old and that Rex Gordon, an expert on the Megalania took plaster castings of some 30 footprints that match a Megalania almost exactly…and you’ve got yourself quite a mystery.

It seems that many people believe the continent of Australia has been thoroughly mapped out…and every animal discovered.

The problem with this view of thinking is that thousands of square miles of the australia consist of almost inaccessible mountainous trees and forest…so a beast such as this could easily survive without being detected by humans….especially when the amount of people per square kilometer is so extremely low.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel