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Should We Lower The Drinking Age?

It’s common among high school and college students in the U.S. to complain about the drinking age being higher than other countries. But should we actually lower the drinking age? Trace and Laci talk about the pros and cons of lowering the drinking age to 18 in the United States.

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Study: Drinking Age Of 21 Saves Lives

“A BU public health researcher is hoping to eighty-six any further debate about rolling back the nationwide legal drinking age of 21 with a new study that argues the law saves lives – even though underage youths widely disregard it.”

Study Finds Legal Drinking Age Saves Lives: 21 Minimum Ages To Booze Around The World

“If you’re under 21 in the United States, chances are you have your frustrations with our country’s drinking age minimum.”

Pros and Cons of the Legal Drinking Age

“Drinking alcohol seems to be the only thing that adults over the age of 18 can’t do that a 21 year old can.”

Is Lowering The Drinking Age A Good Idea?

“It’s no secret that people drink alcohol before they turn 21. Stories about binge drinking on college campuses and alcohol-fueled high school parties are as easy to find as the Facebook photos that document them.”

Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities Redistributing Death

“It is frequently argued that raising the drinking age to 21 in the U.S. has reduced alcohol-related auto fatalities among young people.”

The Legal Drinking Age: Science vs. Idealogy

“Underlying minimum age legislation are the assumptions of American prohibitionism: alcohol consumption is undesirable and dangerous; it typically results in problem behavior; and drinking in any degree is equally undesirable because moderate social drinking is the forerunner of chronic inebriation.”

Why is the Drinking Age 21?

“In short, we ended up with a national minimum age of 21 because of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984.”

Lower Drinking Ages Can Have An Impact On Later Drinking Patterns

“Lower minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) laws have been associated with short-term effects such as more traffic fatalities and teen suicides.”

“Will Increasing Alcohol Availability By Lowering The Minimum Legal Drinking Age Decrease Drinking and Related Consequences Among Youths?

“Alcohol use health consequences are considerable; prevention efforts are needed, particularly for adolescents and college students.”

The Dangers Of The Drinking Age

“For the past 20 years, the U.S. has maintained a Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21 (MLDA21), with little public debate about the wisdom of this policy.”

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