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Short Man Syndrome MIGHT Be Real

Short man syndrome, or Napoleon Complex, is the thought that shorter men are overly-aggressive and overcompensate for their height. A few theories have debunked this theory, however there might actually be some pros and cons to being short. Trace and his little buddy Anthony go through and list out some of the positive and negative trends that affect short men.

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Short Man Syndrome Really Does Exist, Oxford University Finds

“Feeling smaller makes people feel paranoid, mistrustful and more likely to think that people are staring or talking about them, a study by Oxford University finds.”
Virtually lowering a person’s height ‘heightens’ feelings of mistrust

“A study funded by the Medical Research Council shows that, in those who are prone to having ‘mistrustful thoughts’, experiencing a social situation from a lower height can make people feel more inferior and excessively mistrustful.”

Virtual reality study of paranoid thinking in the general population

“Judging whether we can trust other people is central to social interaction, despite being error-prone.”

Short Men ‘Not More Aggressive’

“A theory that short men end up as more aggressive than taller ones has been dismissed by a scientific study.”

Workplace Rewards Tall People With Money, Respect, UF Study Shows

“Short people may be short-changed when it comes to salary, status and respect, according to a University of Florida study that found tall people earn considerably more money throughout their lives.”

Tall Men Earn More Than Shorter Colleagues, Research Claims

“Taller men earn more money than their shorter counterparts because they are seen as more intelligent and powerful, a study found.”

The Effect of Adolescent Experience on Labor Market Outcomes: The Case of Height

“Taller workers receive a wage premium. Net of differences in family background, the disparity is similar in magnitude to the race and gender gaps.”

Stature and Status: Height, Ability, and Labor Market Outcomes

“It has long been recognized that taller adults hold jobs of higher status and, on average, earn more than other workers.”

Tall People Earn More Because They’re Smarter

“In the late 1970s, Randy Newman scored a hit with a song containing the lyric, ‘Short people got no reason to live.'”

Why Women Want Tall Men

“There’s just something appealing about tall men. Napoleon aside, tall men are more likely to win the popular contest in presidential votes and to be re-elected once in office (Stulp, 2013).”

Height Associated With Longevity

“A study of Sardinians finds that shorter men live longer.”

Is Height Related To Longevity?

“Over the last 100 years, studies have provided mixed results on the mortality and health of tall and short people.”

The Short List: 5 Advantages To Being Diminutive

“You’ve probably heard it all your life: Being short is a disadvantage.”

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