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Ship Teleports 200 Miles Away?…The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Project was allegedly a top secret project by the US Government in an attempt to teleport or make invisible the USS Eldridge.

A ship teleports 200 miles away…and you won’t believe how the US government did it.

According to something known as the unified field theory, which attempts to combine the fields of electromagnetism and gravity into one….if one were able to bend light, then they may also be able to bend space-time….therefore creating an invisible time machine.

The US Navy saw the usefulness of this and allegedly funded a project for it back in 1943 in Philadelphia. This became known. As quote “the Philadelphia experiment.”

According to some accounts, the project was successful at first and rendered the USS Eldridge completely invisible. However, many crew members reappeared within the steel walls of the ship…and some crew members went completely insane.

The project was tried again a few months later. This time the USS Eldridge teleported 200 miles from Philadelphia to Virginia…and then teleported back. This time also, some crew members were allegedly quote “turned inside out.”

No independently verified reports of the experiment have ever come to light and the entire Philadelphia experiment remains a mystery to this day.
What do you think happened to the project?

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel