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Secret Weapons Caught in Antarctica?

Could a Secret Weapon of Been Tested in Antarctica?…Just what happened during the Vela Incident?

It was September 22nd, 1979. The Vela satellite captures a double flash of light somewhere off the coast of Antarctica. This is known as the Vela incident.

A double flash of light like this is characteristic of a nuclear bomb explosion.

Hydrophones, special microphones in the ocean that listen for things, also detected a very loud noise at the time.

The only problem with that is there was and still is a treaty in effect placing a ban on nearly all nuclear bomb tests throughout the world…meaning there would be swift and stern action from the, well, basically, entire world if any country was caught performing one.

Jets are scrambled equipped with special instruments specifically designed to detect radioactivity in the air…surefire markings that a nuclear bomb was detonated.

But strangely, no radioactivity was detected by the jets’ instruments…meaning a nuclear bomb couldn’t of been detonated.

Even more mysteriously…to this day, the defense intelligence agency and the US naval research laboratory have concluded the flash was not caused by a nuclear bomb being detonated.

Theories as to just what happened here are all over the place and caused much controversy during the time.

Many believe it was due to faulty equipment, but multiple sensors on the satellite and the hydrophones in the ocean would have to have been wrong…
Some believe it was a special type of nuclear bomb without the radiatiom effects….
some believe weird things are happening in antartica that we…and perhaps even certain governments of the world…just don’t know about.

Maybe some giant craft arose out of the antartica surface and did something.

The entire Vela incident remains a mystery…as well as a conspiracy…to this day. Most of the information of the event remains classified.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel